Perceptual IntelligenceTM is the ability to…

  • Understand the nature of perception, it’s root-level effect, and it’s relationship to emotion, motivation, and behavior.
  • Identify and build constructive perceptions that automatically influence constructive emotions, motivations, and behavior.

Erik’s recently published book, Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life (New York: Stone Lounge Press, 2016), is the first in a series of books Erik has written on the subject.

Erik’s Automatic Influence online course, along with custom training and consulting processes, help leaders become proficient in Perceptual Intelligence and build healthy, productive work cultures.

Erik has already written and plans to release several additional books and courses in what he describes as a “Perceptual Intelligence Series.” Titles include:

  • The Motivation Equation: A Formula for Change in a Challenging World (Planned release Spring 2020). This book looks at the structure of motivation as the way we perceive good, bad, time and chance.
  • Radically Receptive: How to Love Feedback and Learn From Everyone (Planned release Fall 2021). This book identifies the roots of our resistance to feedback, and how to develop powerful new receptivity and accelerate team performance.
  • Perceptual Intelligence: A Root-Level Approach to Leading Change (Planned release Spring 2023). This book summarizes the principles and practices of perceptual intelligence, showing the central principles that drive constructive emotion, motivation, and behavior.