Products & Services

Here are ways I can help you and your team think better, work better, and lead better.

Keynotes, Training and One-Day Consulting (Fee Range $12,500 - $20,000)

Get ready for a dynamic day with Erik and your team! He's a humorous and dynamic speaker helping people radically change the way they think, work, and live. He's also a seasoned entrepreneur whose development work includes the founding of a leadership consulting firm figure headed by Harvard Business School’s most recognized professor of leadership and a retail product company that has created over a quarter billion in revenue. For more about booking Erik for keynotes, training, and consulting, click here.

Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life Book ($28.95)

Automatic Influence shows you how perception profoundly impacts your emotions, motivations, and behaviors, and how to use the power of "perceptual intelligence" to make change easier. For more about the book, click here.

Automatic Influence 16-Lesson Online Course ($299 per license)

This sixteen-lesson course includes five hours of insight and application of the principles of Perceptual intelligenceTM, helping you lead better, work better, and live better. For more about the Automatic Influence course, click here.

Automatic Influence One-Day On-Site Training ($1,000 per participant, minimum 12)

Erik will train your organization's leaders in person on site in this one-day program. Includes a full day of training along with the eLearning program and a book for each participant. For more about on-site training, click here.