Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life

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Editorial Endorsements

Automatic Influence is the leader’s new ‘killer app.’” —Todd Ostrander, CEO, Tectonic Audio Labs

Automatic Influence reveals the intrinsic motivation in all of us, waiting to be unleashed for the greater good. It offers practical tools to serve a team, showing how to use influence for the good of others on the basis of relationship instead of surface tactics. You and your team need this book.” —Jeff Rogers, Chairman & CEO, OneAccord

“Erik VanAlstine is ahead of his time. The essence of this book is success and how to obtain it, and his approach is brilliant. This is a must-read for the nations of the world.” —Dr. Clyde Rivers, Honorary Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi, Representative to the UN – New York, for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative

“Throughout my life, I’ve had to face my fears to reach the next level. In Automatic Influence, Erik offers a plan to eliminate every useless fear, showing readers where fear comes from and how to beat it. These principles are rock solid and will definitely help you win in life.” —Tim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, and Author, The Making of a Man

“In Automatic Influence, Erik VanAlstine explores the importance of perception, and the power it has to unlock our potential, to change ourselves, and influence others. True to the principles expressed here, Erik has done a great service in opening up the possibilities for positive change, spiritual growth, and social development.” —Robert A. Sirico, President, Acton Institute

“My friend Erik VanAlstine has unearthed something special: The root of power and love. Automatic Influence offers a revolutionary way to build bridges between people and nations, something I’m extremely passionate about. Thank you, Erik, for this insightful book.” —James Robison, President, LIFE Outreach International, Publisher of the global news program, The Stream, and Author, Indivisible

“Erik VanAlstine’s Automatic Influence is both thought-provoking and brilliant. As a professional corporate trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most respected experts on leadership, and Erik’s book has more inspired and practical advice on being an effective yet compassionate leader than I’ve read anywhere else.” —Kevin Hopkins, former White House Senior Policy Analyst and Author, Opportunity 2000: Training Workers and Leaders for a New Century

“Something amazing happens when leaders are introduced to Automatic Influence: In no time, they understand how to eliminate barriers to corporate change, including chronic ones. Automatic Influence has the power to transform training – and lots of lives.” —Robert Rosenthal, Founder, Contenteurs, and Author, Optimarketing: Marketing Optimization to Electrify Your Business

“Erik has a message of wisdom that’s profound, practical, and powerful. He’s been a great help to my team and me over the years. I’m so excited this wisdom is finally getting out to everyone. Automatic Influence will help you think better, work better, and live better!” —John Bevere, President, Messenger International, and Author, Relentless: The Power You Need to Never Give Up

“You can tell Erik cares about people, and his book is helping leaders be both humane and effective. I love the balance of compassion and power!” —Eric Boles, President, The Game Changers, and Author, Moving to Great

“Anyone who wants to lead better and live better should read this book. Automatic Influence reveals the power button in human nature and how to use it to power-up our lives.” —Duncan Dodds, President, Big Vision Advisors

“Communicating wisdom is the purpose of my life. Automatic Influence is packed with it. Erik has been a friend and source of wisdom to me for 25 years. He brings powerful insights to the field of leadership and influence. Dive in to these pages and you’ll never be the same.” —Kevin Gerald, Author, Good Things: Seeing Your Life Through the Lens of God’s Favor

Automatic Influence is revolutionary and practical, offering a powerful process that gets results for you and your work teams. The ideas are simple, yet profound and challenging!” —Josh Dunn, President, Premiere Media Group

“Erik is a great friend and mentor whose wisdom has profoundly impacted my life. His new book, Automatic Influence, gets to the heart of influence while avoiding the surface tactics and manipulation that often pass for leadership. This is a must-read.” —Addison Bevere, Chief Operating Officer, Messenger International

Automatic Influence deserves an automatic addition to every leaders’ reading list. Erik gives practical insights and tools to reframe issues so our people will get it, and take action – automatically. You can’t afford to miss this!” —Jim Brown, Consultant, and Author, The Imperfect Board Member