Are you leading change, or is change leading you?

Most struggle because they haven’t discovered what Erik calls “the power button of human nature.”

“Whenever we try to change our attitudes and motivations and behaviors without using this power button,” says Erik, “change is hard. But when we discover and use this power, change is easier. Profoundly easier.”

Automatic Influence Leader Training

Automatic Influence training helps leaders uncover the source of influence in a simple, profound, and engaging way. Through one-day live sessions, followed by distributed learning reinforcement, leaders learn and apply powerful change strategies and discover truths that literally change the way they see self, work, and the people they lead.

”I had no idea what I’d be in for when I attended my first training,” said one participant. “I was so moved by it, and can tell that I’m never going to see my life and work the same way again. Automatic Influence gave me hope that I can change things that seemed impossible before.”

New Power to Lead in a Challenging World

Automatic Influence training helps leaders identify the “root of influence,” then use that root-level power to change themselves, influence others, and build a high-performing work culture. Once leaders understand the source of influence, they will….

  • Learn to lead with strength, without creating the resistance and resentment that always undermines workplace productivity.
  • Learn how to get along with everyone and build psychological immunity to relationship problems.
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and motivate workers in a validating way.
  • Learn how to “change things in an instant” by focusing on the source of our intrinsic motivations.

Includes the Automatic Influence book and online course for each participant!

Fascinating and Informative

Automatic Influence goes beyond plain-vanilla leadership training to offer fascinating insights into the nature of perception, happiness, evil, and love. Learners discover…

  • Why five people can witness the same event and feel five completely different ways about it.
  • The secret of happiness and why the pursuit of happiness often misleads us.
  • What Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, can teach us about resolving conflict and managing “people problems.”
  • Ways to fight depression, recover our love for life, and boost our energy.

Automatic Influence intrigues and captivates while it informs, offering life-changing insights and practical tools to transform leaders in an instant.

What’s the Next Step?

If you’re struggling with change, and looking to radically improve your work culture, Automatic Influence training is for you. Call Sharee Thompson, Sales Director, at 253-381-8733 or by email at