Automatic Influence Course

New Power for Change, in 12 Compelling Lessons (Total Estimated Seat Time: 3 hours, 13 minutes)

Based on Erik's leadership book, Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life, the Automatic Influence course helps you rapidly learn and apply the principles of Perceptual IntelligenceTM so you can work better, live better, and lead better. Includes...

  • 3.5 hours of video-based learning in twelve lessons.
  • Rich, compelling, and engaging media to keep your attention and reinforce the principles of Perceptual IntelligenceTM taught in Erik's Automatic Influence book.
  • Unlimited repeat use for one year, providing learners with a path to mastery.

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Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: The Promise

Describes the promise of power and three simple steps to leading effectively.
Key Ideas | Hitler and Gandhi | We All Struggle | Three Simple Steps | Making Change Easier
(Approximate Seat Time: 10 Minutes)

Lesson 2: The Power Button

Reveals the roots of emotion, motivation and behavior, and how to put this power to work to lead better and live better.
Key Ideas | Danny's Story | Epictetus | The See-Feel-Act Progression | Why Emotion is Reasonable | Perceptual Intelligence
(Approximate Seat Time: 13 Minutes)

Lesson 3: Power Shift

Here's how make change easier. Much easier. This lesson shows how to use this new power to lead change, personally and organizationally.
Key Ideas | Arrested in Mauna Lani | Everything Changed Automatically | Striking the Root | The Secret of Influence
(Approximate Seat Time: 14 Minutes)

Lesson 4: Automatic Love

People problems weighing you down? This lesson will radically change the way you deal with people, making you immune to drama and effective in relationships.
Key Ideas | Steve Irwin, croc hunter | Handling Snakes | What is Love? | 3 Ways to See People | Golf with Joe | The Biggest People Problem
(Approximate Seat Time: 19 Minutes)

Lesson 5: Leading with Love and Power

Why do some leaders get cooperation while others get resistance? Here's how to learn to lead powerfully without inciting resentment.
Key Ideas | Dog Vibe, Cat Vibe | Fake Smiles and Beady Eyes | How to Boost Worker Performance | The Pushy Leader | Why Emotions Don't Control You
| The Secret of Power | Overcoming Resistance

(Approximate Seat Time: 13 Minutes)

Lesson 6: The Challenge of Change

Shows how to cope with and overcome the challenging circumstances of life.
Key Ideas | Meltdown in 1999 | The River of Change | Helpful Hardship | Where Happiness Comes From | Hard Way, Easy Way | Whitey Bulger's Bad Advice | Peeing on Electric Fences | The Serenity Strategy
(Approximate Seat Time: 20 Minutes)

Lesson 7: Breaking Complacency, Fear, and Helplessness

Reveals the roots of complacency and fear, and how to fix them. Shows a way out of helplessness and into greater power.
Key Ideas | 3 Reasons We Resist | Blindfolds | Rubber Snakes | Plastic Chains | The Roots of Resistance
(Approximate Seat Time: 17 Minutes)

Lesson 8: Automatic Humility

Why don’t people listen? Why don’t leaders get better counsel and make bad decisions? This lessons offers an answer, and shows the secret of effective leadership and teamwork.
Key Ideas | Count the Passes | Bob Arno's Fast Fingers | The Secret of the Steal | Selective Attention | Blind to our Blindness
(Approximate Seat Time: 16 Minutes)

Lesson 9: Two Ways We Phrase

Shows how to use positive phrasing to create more constructive perceptions, which in turn create better motivations and behaviors.
Key Ideas | Don't Miss the Ball | The Spider is Alive | Lemons and Horror Films | The Movie Screen of the Mind | Why We Choke
(Approximate Seat Time: 19 Minutes)

Lesson 10: Word After Word After Word

Shows how words create perceptions which in turn drive emotion, motivation, decision and behavior. Offers practical ways to use words to manage perceptions.
Key Ideas | Don't Do this in the Mall | 40 Pictures in 40 Seconds | The World's Fastest Talker | 3 Types of Words | Making Pictures Disappear | Temptation and Tobling
(Approximate Seat Time: 16 Minutes)

Lesson 11: Rope Lines in Thule

In the flurry of life, it’s easy to get off track. This lesson offers practical steps to stay focused and powerful.
Key Ideas | The Human Popsicle | Lock and Block | Spotify and Gladiator | Up-River Down-River | The Problem with Empathy
(Approximate Seat Time: 20 Minutes)

Lesson 12: Total Freedom, Complete Fulfillment

Describes potential, along with clear ways to achieve it. Encourages learners to get free from useless fear, helplessness, and apathy, and get full of wisdom, skill, optimism and love.
Key Ideas | Why we Underlive and Underachieve | The Vast Country Estate | Tripling Our Optimism | Sweeney's Miracle
(Approximate Seat Time: 16 Minutes)