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  • Diversity is a competitive advantage. Oh, but the dangers. The culture war. The resentment and resistance from “diversity fatigue.” It’s all creating crossfire that often does more harm than good. With arrows flying all directions, what can leaders do? I suggest a “deep diversity” approach that gets companies under the crossfire and into the lead. […]

  • Here’s a recent article I wrote for 425Business magazine. Enjoy! A Leadership Minute With Erik Van Alstine: Are You Paddling Or Drifting?

  • By Erik Van Alstine on September 1 2017 (Excerpt from Erik Van Alstine’s Automatic Influence Online Video Course) I like to picture change as a river, with us in canoes. If we’re not paddling, we’re drifting. There’s no status quo on this river, no staying in place. We can’t be passive. We must be aggressive. […]

  • Here’s a link to a recent podcast I did for Srini Rao’s podcast, The Unmistakable Creative. Enjoy! The Power of Perceptual Intelligence with Erik Van Alstine

  • This week I joined a small group of leaders for a two-day stay on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, one of the Navy’s ten nuclear-powered supercarriers known as “The Big Stick,” as its team of 5,000 workers conducted training exercises 150 miles off the Pacific Coast near San Diego. Here’s a picture of the phenomenal people […]

  • Feeling bitter? Frustrated? Depressed? Like there’s nothing you can do about so many of the situations of life? Most of us who feel that way can find instant relief by realizing, the biggest problem is between our ears. Most of our frustration is a result of our focus. Which means we can switch our focus […]

  • We all want to feel free and powerful. The challenge is, many of us feel coerced by the responsibilities of life. We feel we “have to” go to work and pay our bills. We “have to” be home at a certain time. We “have to” go to the dance recital and the soccer game. Life […]

  • Want a lasting sense of freedom? The crazy irony is, it requires we rein in our freedom. For a part of us, at least. Lasting freedom requires we to identify and put a harness on “Night Guy.” Who is Night Guy? It’s the Guy in the mirror. It’s you. It’s me. Partly, at least. No one […]

  • Freedom is a tricky topic, and I’ve been wrestling with it for several blog posts now. How do we help people maximize their sense of freedom and power, but still hold them accountable to follow the rules? How can we maximize our own sense of freedom and power, without letting the consequences of our choices […]

  • Are we empowering people? Do the people we lead to feel a sense of freedom? Do they follow us because they “want to” instead of “have to”? If not, we can change that. We can start toward a culture of empowerment by affirming people’s freedom, then reminding them of the principle-driven consequences of their free […]

  • People often follow leaders because they feel they “have to.” If I don’t do what she says, I’ll lose my job.  That’s not freely following. But then there are other leaders people freely follow. They don’t follow because they feel they “have to” but because they “want to.” What’s the difference? Why do some leaders incite […]

  • We love freedom. We all want to feel powerful, like we’re fully in charge of our lives. But there are forces in life that seem conspired against our freedom. Bosses and spouses telling us what to do. The responsibilities of work and family. The invisible need to conform to cultural norms. The build-up of laws […]