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  • "Automatic Influence is the leader's new killer app."

    Todd Ostrander, CEO, Tectonic Audio Labs

  • Automatic Influence reveals the intrinsic motivation in all of us, waiting to be unleashed for the greater good. It offers practical tools to serve a team, showing how to use influence for the good of others on the basis of relationship instead of surface tactics. You and your team need this book.”

    Jeff Rogers, Chairman & CEO, OneAccord

  • "Erik Van Alstine is ahead of his time. The essence of his new book, Automatic Influence, is success and how to obtain it, and his approach is brilliant. This is a must-read for the nations of the world."

    Dr. Clyde Rivers, Honorary Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi, Representative to the UN - New York, for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative

  • “In Automatic Influence, Erik Van Alstine explores the importance of perception, and the power it has to unlock our potential, to change ourselves, and influence others. True to the principles expressed here, Erik has done a great service in opening the possibilities for positive change, spiritual growth, and social development.”

    Robert A. Sirico, President, Acton Institute

  • “Throughout my life, I’ve had to face my fears to reach the next level. In Automatic Influence, Erik offers a plan to eliminate every useless fear, showing readers where fear comes from and how to beat it. These principles are rock solid and will definitely help you win in life.”

    Tim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, and Author, The Making of a Man

  • “My friend Erik Van Alstine has unearthed something special: the root of power and love. Automatic Influence offers a revolutionary way to build bridges between people and nations, something I’m extremely passionate about. Thank you, Erik, for this insightful book.”

    James Robison, President, LIFE Outreach International, Publisher of the global news program, The Stream, and Author, Indivisible


  • This interview gives the full skinny on my new book, Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life. Listen and enjoy!

  • Recently I took a transforming journey. Not a travelogue through Italy, India and Indonesia to heal wounds, discover profound truth, and find my place in the universe. Just a trip to the mall and dinner at Red Robin. Endless Fries, Campfire Sauce, and My Moment of Truth I was with three of my children, Ross, Jess, […]

  • Imagine a job that’s stressing you to the max. The pressure is too much. The workloads are massive. The deadlines are intense. There’s so much anxiety that no one can think straight. People are discouraged because they can’t perform and they always feel behind. Everyone is looking for an exit. Then imagine another job where […]

  • Ever feel that people don’t listen? That they don’t want to hear what you have to say? Like they’re barely waiting for you to finish so they can start talking again? Of course. It’s like we live in a world with kids like Mateo here making his case for cupcakes. That’s hilarious. But exhausting to watch. Now let’s […]

  • In his recently published book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations Dan Ariely shows how a friend found new motivation at work. “A young man I know,” writes Dan, “recently took a job at a hospital, disposing of waste and cleaning surgical equipment. After a few months on the job, he found it so […]

  • Our team has noticed a lot of realtors buying my book Automatic Influence. I thought, Maybe I could write a piece just for them. I grew up in a family of realtors. My father started his career in Century21 in 1980, when I was twelve years old. My mother got into the business soon after. Both of […]

  • I just wrote a book titled Automatic Influence to help leaders, salespeople, parents – anyone who wants more influence for themselves and wants to motivate others for the greater good. I also lead Automatic Influence one-day training sessions. In one session, I show this shocking video. As a group, we discuss what we observed. The […]

  • He was angry. He was walking right toward me. It was several months ago at a golf tournament in the Pacific Northwest, at a place called The Home Course in Dupont, Washington. In golf, four people play in a group, and ours was one of about ten foursomes that day competing against each other. There […]

  • This is part 3. In my first and second post, I explained how the advent of email created an extremely oppressive social shift. Here’s what I wrote: Personal written communication (PWC for short), meaning, communication in writing from friends and family and co-workers that requires a written response, used to be extremely expensive. We had […]

  • I heard a story of four people on a plane: The President of the United States, the World’s Smartest Man, a Boy Scout, and a Priest. The engine failed and they all had to bail out, but there were only three parachutes. The President of the United States grabbed a chute and jumped, saying, “I’m […]

  • There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Last post I described the apocalyptic change in personal written communication over the past thirty years. We went back to 1986 to see how we wrote and received one personal piece of mail every  other week, because hand-writing letters was time-consuming and rare. But now the average knowledge worker spends three hours a day in personal […]