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    Todd Ostrander, CEO, Tectonic Audio Labs

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  • "Erik Van Alstine is ahead of his time. The essence of his new book, Automatic Influence, is success and how to obtain it, and his approach is brilliant. This is a must-read for the nations of the world."

    Dr. Clyde Rivers, Honorary Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi, Representative to the UN - New York, for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative

  • “In Automatic Influence, Erik Van Alstine explores the importance of perception, and the power it has to unlock our potential, to change ourselves, and influence others. True to the principles expressed here, Erik has done a great service in opening the possibilities for positive change, spiritual growth, and social development.”

    Robert A. Sirico, President, Acton Institute

  • “Throughout my life, I’ve had to face my fears to reach the next level. In Automatic Influence, Erik offers a plan to eliminate every useless fear, showing readers where fear comes from and how to beat it. These principles are rock solid and will definitely help you win in life.”

    Tim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, and Author, The Making of a Man

  • “My friend Erik Van Alstine has unearthed something special: the root of power and love. Automatic Influence offers a revolutionary way to build bridges between people and nations, something I’m extremely passionate about. Thank you, Erik, for this insightful book.”

    James Robison, President, LIFE Outreach International, Publisher of the global news program, The Stream, and Author, Indivisible


  • How are we going to live in the next fifty years? According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the answer could be, largely off government handouts. In February Musk spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai, where he envisioned a heavily automated world, creating massive unemployment, forcing governments to offer money to its citizens in […]

  • It’s human nature to read between the lines —  to try to discover hidden meanings, detect false motives, and discern the implications of things. We get invited to dinner by new friends, and wonder, Are they trying to sell us something? Someone fails to reply to our text, and we think, That means they don’t […]

  • Book Excerpt: Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life by Erik Van Alstine The optimist and the pessimist both experience the hard knocks of life. But they see the hard knocks in different ways. It’s hard to get this into our thick skulls, because we’re all heavily invested in the myth that […]

  • (This is the fourth post in a series about “anchoring” and its effect on our happiness.) Are you hindered in happiness? Are you lacking in love? Comedian Bo Burnham has some excellent advice at the end of this post. But first, let’s set the table for Bo’s point. Starting with the fact that we’re not […]

  • (This is the third post in a series about “anchoring” and its effect on our happiness.) Let’s say we drive across town on a road trip that goes through twenty traffic lights. When the lights are green we blaze through. When red, we stop. Let’s also say the typical trip stops us at ten of […]

  • (This is the second post in a series about “anchoring” and its effect on our happiness.) Go to the mall, find the nearest jewelry store, and look into the display windows. What do you find? The super nice stuff. Wow, there’s a diamond necklace that costs $100,000.  Why do they display this? So we’ll go […]

  • Feel like something’s dragging you down? Holding you back? Chances are it’s what cognitive scientists describe as an anchor. Not a literal anchor. A mental one. “Anchoring” is a mental bias that, if set wrong, wreaks all sorts of havoc in our attitudes, emotions, and behaviors: Anchoring causes social media depression. Anchoring is the reason we […]

  • Researchers who study optimism say the average person needs to triple their positivity. They measure ratios of positive-to-negative conversations in work teams, in marriages, and in the way we talk to ourselves, finding a massive gap between where we are and where we should be: Human flourishing starts at a 6-to-1 ratio and may peak […]

  • Are we developing wisdom for the challenges of life? Are we getting good at the chess game of success? There are several ways to develop the power of wisdom, and one of them is the amount of time we invest into “long-form” content. There’s a difference between sh0rt-form and long-form information, and they have different […]

  • Love. Hate. Happiness. Fear. Anger. These words represent powerful emotions that move us to action. They’re deep in human nature, and are constantly at work in one form or another. Unfortunately, many have a mistaken idea about emotion that misleads us into error, regret and pain. Here are some phrases that reveal the mistake: Love […]

  • How do I succeed? How can I find fulfillment? If there were a simple answer, I suspect everyone would be successful and fulfilled. But there isn’t. Ahh, an objector would say, but the great Chinese philosopher Confucius says, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Then we find out that Confucius didn’t […]

  • We all know what fear feels like. That feeling in the pit of our stomach. The spike in heart rate. Our hands sweat. Our mind runs fast and furious. Fear is an “emotional response to a perceived threat.” Whenever we believe something bad is about to happen, we feel fear. But if we’re wise, we […]